HK Live Endoscopy


The 36th International Workshop on Therapeutic Endoscopy will be held in hybrid mode on 13 to 14 Dec.

A Pre-Congress Nurse Programme will be held physcially on 13 Dec.

Registration is now open. Register now at

- Thomas RÖSCH (Germany)   - Dong Wan SEO (Korea)
- Enqiang LINGHU  (China)   - Prateek SHARMA (USA)
- Lars AABAKKEN (Norway)   - Hideyuki SHIOMI (Japan)
- Han Mo CHIU  (Taiwan)   - Tae Jun SONG (Korea)
- Takuji IWASHITA (Japan)   - Yoji TAKEUCHI (Japan)
- Alberto LARGHI (Italy)   - Noriya UEDO (Japan)
- Helmut MESSMANN (Germany)   - Naohisa YAHAGI (Japan)
- Yuichi MORI (Japan)   - Kenshi YAO (Japan)
- Nageshwar REDDY (India)   - Pinghong ZHOU (China)


Registration fee to the Main Programme (both physical and virtual) and the Pre-Congress Nurse Programme (Virtual) is free of charge.


The physical programme of the Pre-Congress Nurse Programme is HKD 200.


Register now at



The programme consists of live demonstration and didactic lectures.


The full programme is available at


  • Participants from Hong Kong can be accredited CME / CNE points from the following Colleges / Insitution:
      • The Hong Kong College of Physicians
      • The College of Surgeons of Hong Kong
      • The Hong Kong College of Family Physicians
      • CUHK CME Programme for Non-specialists
      • CUHK Nethersole School of Nursing